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Job Descriptions

How to Use This Site



The job descriptions on this site are provided as examples of job descriptions that have worked to meet requirements for the management responsibility aspect of the ISO 9000 standard, ISO 13485 Medical Device Standard or the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. They are not intended to meet all aspects relating to Equal Opportunity Employment Laws or other specialized purposes.

Job Descriptions  

Job descriptions are one of those items that people who have not been initiated via a Lead Auditor Course or more painfully, by an audit, do not do because they don't see the term job descriptions in the ISO 9000 Standard. There are a number of inter-related reasons a Registrar's Auditors expect them. This is one of those items where you either create job descriptions or put a number of employee's job responsibilities as they relate to quality into your procedures.

Job descriptions are about the most un-fun task a manager or human resources person ever has to do. While job descriptions are very useful for determining compensation levels, identifying quality responsibilities and being used as specifications for finding new employees, writing them can be dull, dull, dull.

From a quality system implementation stand point, I have found it easier to put the job descriptions in the Human Resources Department as stand alone documents and keep them out of the procedures. Resumes on file also help show prior experience to auditors, where current training is not available, however, the appropriate job skills exist.

Job Descriptions are as follows:
Account Representative Director of Marketing Lead Internal Quality System Auditor Program/Product Manager
Applications Engineer Director of Research & Development Materials Handler / Coordinator Purchasing Coordinator / Expeditor
Buyer Director of Sales President Quality Manager / Director
Design Manager Document Control Manager Manufacturing Engineer Test Technician
Director of Engineering Engineering Technician Assembler / Production Operator
Human Resources Manager/Director General Manager/Director of Unit Business Product Engineer
Director of Operations Internal Quality System Auditor Product Engineering Manager

How to Use This Site

The most direct way I know of to get the task completed is to get the person or persons responsible for supervising the employees to write the descriptions. They know what the job, educational and quality requirements are for those who work for them.

What I have done, and others I have went through this with, is to use the format in the job descriptions I have on this web site and address each section. I typically provide "Sample" descriptions, such as the ones I have posted to them and have the managers "correct" the descriptions. It is helpful to provide job descriptions that are similar to those of the people they are trying to write them for. It makes it easier for them to write job descriptions if they can see what is wanted.

As I have stated, in the ISO 9000 standard, there is nothing requiring a job description. It is implied and expected. I have them kept in Human Resources and have Human Resources update them annually, as a minimum, to ensure I have one for everyone, company president included. Be sure to address the quality requirements. ISO auditors look for that as well.

A second method is to is to go to the Dictionary of Occupational Titles printed by the US Government Printing Office. This is sometimes hard to find in some libraries, however, is not the easiest book to use. It is also only updated every decade or so.

Another method I recommended is to do a job search on the Internet for the type of jobs you have to write descriptions for. Professional and Human Resources recruiters write nice ones to identify qualified candidates.


I do retain my copyright of these descriptions, which means you can use them for your business's job descriptions or modify them to work for your needs, just don't publish them on another web site or in any publications without my permission. For additional information, refer to the Legal Page.   

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