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by Dexter A. Hansen

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Links to Other Quality related Web Sites

ISO 9000:2000 Quality Management Consultants ISO 9000 2000 systems made easy - improve your business performance using an e-consultant from Activa Consulting.

Adams Six Sigma at http://www.adamssixsigma.com provides training, development, and implementation of proven business processes, structures and tools. These result in systemic and behavioral changes that lead to the client's continued successes and profitability.

Flowcharting Help Page is a basic tutorial on flowcharting for those implementing an ISO 9000 or Total Quality Management (TQM) Quality System, but lack the funds to attend an expensive training seminar.

ISO 9001 Help Page is an ISO 9000 help page for people attempting to implement the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard.

Job Descriptions Help Page has free job descriptions for those implementing an ISO 9000 or Total Quality Management (TQM) Quality System.

Total Quality Management Journal is a journal dedicated to TQM that is published in the United Kingdom by the Taylor and Francis Publishing Group.

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