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Job Description

JOB TITLE: Director of Marketing



A: Purpose and Scope

The Director of Marketing is responsible for selling the business's products. The Director of Marketing is also responsible for ensuring the Marketing Department conforms to the company quality system procedures as documented.

B. Responsibilities

The Director of Marketing is responsible for developing marketing plans, selecting and evaluating marketing personnel, documenting sensor business contract review and reporting marketing performance to management.

C. Organization Relationships

The Director of Marketing reports directly to the President.


A. Education and Training

The Director of Marketing is required to have a four year Business Administration degree with training in the following areas:

* knowledge and understanding of Marketing;

* assessment techniques of examining, questioning, evaluating and reporting marketing performance;

* additional skills required for managing marketing, such as planning, organizing, communicating and directing.

B. Technical Requirements

The Director of Marketing is required to read and understand technical and non-technical documents as relate to the sales of and contracts for the company's products. This includes the ability to interface with both technical and non-technical personnel.

C. Managerial Experience

The Director of Marketing shall have a minimum of three years prior experience in managing and executing product marketing and/or sales.


Dept. Manager/Supervisor: _______________________________________ Date: _________

Human Resources Department: ____________________________________ Date: _________

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12,700 job Descriptions
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