A: Purpose and Scope

The Director of Engineering is responsible for the engineering function. The Director of Engineering is also responsible for ensuring the Engineering Department conforms to the company quality system procedures as documented.

B. Responsibilities

Directly responsible for implementation and maintenance of engineering department procedures. Reports on the performance of engineering. Plans and maintains departmental budgets for the effective operation of the department. Also works with customers, as required, to ensure products conform to customer requirements and meet the customers needs.

C. Organization Relationships

The Director of Engineering reports directly to the President.


A. Education and Training

The Director of Engineering should have a four year technical degree, preferably in a field that offers as opportunity to gain a well rounded engineering background. Additional class work in management type courses and problem-solving techniques is preferred.

B. Technical Requirements

Ten or more years of broad technical experience, of which at least five years should be in electrical, mechanical or software/firmware engineering management.

C. Managerial Experience

Ten or more years experience in managing technical personnel and complex activities. These experiences should be gained in areas of engineering or technical operations and should include a minimum of five years in engineering management.


Dept. Manager/Supervisor: _______________________________________ Date: _________

Human Resources Department: ____________________________________ Date: _________

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