Water Filtration Equipment & Installation

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Note: The cost of either a water softener or iron filter for a standard five person family home depends on expected water usage. Prices vary for both between $ 360 to $600 each depending on where you go and how big a unit you think you will need.

* Conduit is typically put on basement walls. Check with your local building inspector to determine whether conduit is required in the area you are installing your equipments. If you use conduit, you will have to run discrete wires rather than Romanex.

Section 7.0 - Material List
       (Softener & Iron Filter Excluded)



  Cost   Range  



4 to 8 Oz

Lead Free Solder
Available at local hardware store.

$3 to $6

Needed for copper pipes.


6 Oz.

Solder Flux
Heat activated.

$3 to $6

Used to clean copper and facilitate soldering.


1 Ea. Teflon Tape (roll)

$2 to $3

Used on threads for threaded pipe and unions


To suit Lengths of pipe

$8 to $12

Copper or PVC, depending on type or tubing of plumbing in site. Typically 3/4 Inch is in most houses and the standard size for water softeners and specialty filters.


To suit Fittings

$7 to 15

Type and cost dependent on site piping, location of pipes, and method of installation.


1 Ea. Bypass valve(s)

$7 to $30

Either water softener By-Pass valve (WattsTMM9500) or install a 3-way valve bypass


To suit Drain line

To suit

Rigid or flexible


To suit Brine line

$3 to $6

Rigid or flexible


1 Ea. Shop rag

$1 to $2

Any cotton rag will work. Old cotton tee shirts or jockey shorts work well. Used to wipe soldered (sweated) joint.


1 Ea. Sandpaper (100 grain)

$1 to $2

Used to shine up old copper pipes or steel wool before sweating.


To suit 12/2(AWG) with ground or 12/3(AWG) electrical wiring *

Dependant on length near controller/timer if required.

Used to add an electrical outlet


1 Ea. Single Duplex Outlet box

$1 to $3

Outlet box for controller/timer


1 Ea. NEMA 6/15R Duplex Receptacle for 120 volt A.C.

$0.60 to $3

Receptical outlet to provide power for the controller/timer


To suit Wire clips

$1 to $3

Wire clips/staples to fasten wire to wall per NEC(NFPA 70).

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Section 8.0 - Equipment Manufacturers

Note: Use phone numbers to call factory for information and to find out closest dealer in your area.

GOODH2O Water Softeners & Iron Filters
323 South College
Rensselaer, IN 47978
Water Softeners & Iron Removal Filters

Culligan Water Systems - Chicago, IL
Water Softeners, Iron & Sulphur Removal Filters Reverse Osmosis Filters

Enting Water Conditioning, Inc. - Dayton, OH
Water Softeners Iron & Sulphur Removal Filters Reverse Osmosis Filters

Multipore Water Systems - Chatsworth, CA
Microscopic Organism Filter Chlorine Taste, Odors & Chemicals

Wolcott Water Systems, Inc. - Columbia, MO
Water Softeners ,Iron & Sulphur Removal Filters

Author's Note 1: Most manufactures make the water conditioners and iron filters very similar to each other. I personally have experience with the ADDIE Iron Filter and found it to be a reliable unit, but they would only sell through a dealer. My advice is to look locally, however, check out the prices on the filters on the Internet. There are some excellent prices out there for the same unit and a number of them include shipping.
Author's Note 2: I have had several different water softeners over the years and found little difference between them. I typically go for the lowest cost unit to meet the needs for the amount of water I planned to put through it per day.

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For those who would like this information as an e-book without ads in downloadable MSWord or Adobe PDF files, click here to go to the author's WebStore.

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