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After moving into an area where there was the local, isolated, water problem of iron in the water, I found myself hearing my wife complain about how the white clothes were turning yellow from the iron. The next thing I heard was my daughter's hair was turning orange on the ends from iron binding in her hair. I knew I had to do something.

What did I do? I had to endure a sales pitch (on my evening off and in my own home) on a total water conditioning system. I also found out my water softener was not good enough to soften my water according to the salesperson, much less take out the iron. I researched the known solutions for water contamination problems. I obtained water samples and had the water tested. My research indicated a clear water iron problem. I was happy it wasn't Radon contamination, I had that when I lived in a different location and the fix for that is very expensive, but that's another story.

I found that the cost of putting in an equivalent filter system myself was half the cost of the lowest quoted system. Being an engineer, I decided to take the risk that the water salesperson was wrong about my water softener and that it was probably plugged up with iron from lack of proper care by my house's previous owner. (I doubt the Culligan TM Man would have agreed with the other salesperson either).

After discussing my adventures with people from other localities, I discovered the problem was pretty much the same story for other people and many of them were very interested in how my wife kept my shirts white when she washed my shirts without washing them in Iron Out TM . I have relayed the information in this book with satisfactory results to many of my friends. I wrote the directions out and made sketches by hand so many times, I finally decided to put the information in book format, hence the creation of this book.

After reading an article in a local newspaper about people using an iron removing toilet cleaner to rinse the iron from their hair, I decided to share my book with others so they could save their clothes, plumbing, hair color and some marriages. Is there an article like this about you waiting to hit the newspapers? If so, this book is good news for you.

Copyright C , 1992 Registration No. VA 501-726, by Dexter A. Hansen

Notice: Neither the author or publisher warrant the accuracy of this information relative to National or Local Codes. It is the responsibility of the person or persons using this information to verify all aspects of an installation including use and safety with the authority having juristiction in the users specific area. This book is not intended to supercede equipment manufacturer's installation instructions or recommendations.

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